Yuki-Onna's a story that always fascinated me.

Yuki-Onna appears as a beautiful woman, tall, long-haired, pale-skinned inhumanly and sometimes even transparent.Sometimes wears a white kimono. Despite her inhuman beauty, her eyes causing terror in mortals; also in walking leaves no footprints in the snow (according to some stories do not have feet, a trait common to YUREI), and can turn into a cloud of mist or snow if threatened.
The Yuki-Onna, associated with winter and snowstorms, is according to some legends the spirit of a dead person in the cold in the snow. It is both beautiful and serene, yet ruthless in killing the unwary travelers. Until the eighteenth century, it was almost always portrayed as evil. Today, however, many stories describe in tones more human, emphasizing her ghostlike nature and its ephemeral beauty.

In my version she appears in a field of cherries in a snow stormy day.

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